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“Be open. Because if you’re open and it works with somebody then you know it really works. And if you’re open and it doesn’t work, that may be painful for a moment but it means that you are not forcing something and you are not doing like a half love.”
“Music is the most important thing in existence… it makes every moment deeper and richer as a listener and as a player. Playing music allows me to really learn who I am and how in love I am with life. And listening gives a way out from all the thoughts I don’t need to think.”
“I just want people to be inspired, feel inspired, feel inspiration to go create and make something. I think that that’s like one of the best feelings in the world is to feel alive with inspiration and creativity and that’s what I would want for anyone and for the future of the world as well cause yeah, it’s a great place.”
[about the album] “(…) Whatever someone’s feeling from it is exactly what they’re supposed to be feeling; whatever it means for other people is precious. But, the best feeling to talk about with these songs, for me, is the feeling of nostalgia. It’s not sadness, it’s not happiness, it’s not anger. It’s just a general feeling of being a human being, that sense of your life passing.”
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Warpaint Live at Fuji Rock Festival 2011. Photos by Takayuki Okada <3 
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For the past several days i’m having a job of my dream..well kind of,cause i wanna do a looot of things.I’m volunteering at Gogolfest,it’s a big ukrainian art festival and my job is to work at musical scene with musicians,that’s so cool to see how everything is going on behind the scenes:))that’s why i’m not posting much cause i spend there the entire day..take care everyone!:) 

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Warpaint @ MS Dockville 2014. Photo by Raoul Becker.
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"Good afternoon ♠️" (via tt_o_o_tt)
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